About Dustin

Dustin DiMisa has over 16 years of experience at the highest level of the financial industry. He has played a major role on teams that have developed and implemented financial products at some of the biggest firms in the United States mortgage industry. Under his leadership, ICG has made waves in the mortgage industry for years and continues to thrive with customer satisfaction as a top priority.

With a desire to increase the company’s market share, DiMisa has created various innovative initiatives that have helped shape the mortgage industry. From solutions like Veteran's Community, offering less expensive financing options to veteran first-time homebuyers, eReverse lending to help senior citizens manage their mortgages and Own It, home loan dividend charters, all of which are DiMisa’s creations and have helped spearhead the company that ICG is today. The company has earned both accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as it commands offices nationwide and employs hundreds of mortgage professionals.

DiMisa’s forward-thinking of the future and what home financing means for those looking to settle into their forever homes has allowed ICG to expect and anticipate changes that give ICG the leverage to assist our customers in an ever-changing mortgage market.